Sunday, 28 August 2016

Journey's End

Well, I made it... Illustration 100/100 - Cacti ! The last illustration from my second project: #100daysflowersandplants.

In the last four months, I have been working on not one, but two projects from the #100dayproject. Why two? Purely because I couldn't decide between: #100daysfoodanddrink or #100daysflowersandplants. It's been an interesting challenge, running the two, alongside other work and during which, I have seen my style develop. Plus, I now have 200 illustrations for other projects!
As for journey's end? ... I doubt it...

Monday, 22 August 2016

Nutritional Green

Interesting fact—seaweed is classed as a superfood, because it is filled with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants and can also aid weight loss. Consumed in moderation it can be eaten: raw, cooked, powdered and in supplements.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Marine Design

Seaweed—the underwater garden, providing food, medicine and marine life refuge.
 These and more flowers and plants can be found on my Instagram as part of the #100dayproject. Tag: #100daysflowersandplants

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Airborne Offspring

Isn't it wonderful watching the changing of the seasons? Although I have a preference for the seasons which build up to a heady glory, as opposed to the end of year decline, there is something magical about the process and it's repetition.

Autumn is long busy before we name it so, with the subtle turning of the leaves, ripening of fruit and dispersal of seeds. Sitting in the garden, I watch the wind blow tiny butterfly-shaped seed pods everywhere. There is a light sprinkling covering the ground, a guarantee of the survival of that particular plant for next year, with the exception of those that land in my coffee!

These and more flowers and plants can be found on my Instagram as part of the #100dayproject. Tag: #100daysflowersandplants

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Plum Crazy

This year the plum tree in my garden has excelled itself—in comparison with previous years, it has produced more plums than I can use, have inspiration for, or care to deal with.

So far, I have only plucked about a third of the plums from the tree (about 7kg). Seeing the enormity of the process ahead of me, I also googled diverse possibilities of what to do with them. Apart from eating them fresh, I have made: 2 litres of plum vodka, 11 pots of jam, a couple of plum crumbles, some dehydrated plums: prunes and some fruit leather.

I'm pleased with the outcome, but exhausted by two days in the kitchen and daunted by the remaining two thirds, stlll attached to the tree! Then there's the wasps and a couple of Jays, who, although I'm not adverse to sharing, sample several plums each visit and then leave them to rot! All this fruit processing, reminds me of my childhood summers and my mother's jam making.

Luckily... I am able to call on friends, who's stocks of plum jam are dwindling and who are happy to help me pick the rest from the tree. *phew*
As I pick, I weigh, curious as to what the grand total will be, once the tree is bare again.

As of today (09/08/2016), the tree has been relieved of it's load —20.5 kilos!
Friends have come and gone, taking with them bags filled with plums, destined for jam, cakes and to be eaten fresh. I thought it only fair, to leave about a kilo on the tree for the jays, wasps and any other fruit loving wildlife.
The tree really excelled itself this year —thank you tree!

Friday, 5 August 2016

Foody Top Nine

Here are the top nine, foody illustrations, according to my followers on Instagram, of my subject choice: #100daysfoodanddrink from the #100dayproject.
For a selection from the series and my second project, which is still has a few weeks left: #100daysflowersandplants, take a peek on my Instagram

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Finish Line

Well here it is—after joining in with the #100dayproject on Instagram, my 100th food & drink illustration—Tadaah!

Three months of daily drawings, resulting in 100 completed illustrations. Quite a challenge and one I recommend. It helps with perseverance, personal style development, observation and colour play, plus there's a great online community to interact with and be inspired by.
For a selection from the series take a peek on my Instagram

And... as if you hadn't already had enough, the fun continues with another 30 days left of my second #100dayproject—this one is all about: #100daysflowersandplants

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Summer Breeze

There's nothing better than the beach to relieve tension and clear the mind—wind in your hair, the sound of the waves, golden sand between your wriggling toes–an icecream in hand to complete the picture.

This and more foody illustrations can be found on my Instagram as part of the #100dayproject. Tag: #100daysfoodanddrink