Monday, 18 July 2016

Honest Policy

School lunch breaks and we were sent outside to get some 'fresh air'. It was bitterly cold. The wind would whistle up our blue-grey tweed skirts. Knees would redden, barely visible above long grey socks, pulled up as far as they would go. A cat and mouse game ensued, with the six of us trying to hide somewhere warm and out of sight—inside. The music rooms were a favourite, until we were discovered once more, ejected outside, with accompanying detentions on Monday.

Detention was an hour and involved writing an essay: Honesty is the best policy. I enjoyed writing the essay, because it gave me the opportunity to admonish the staff, who in my opinion, had treated us unfairly.

I neither heard, nor do I care what they thought of the piece or whether they even read it. Suffice to say, it only fueled the rebel in me. The next time it was cold, we headed straight for the music rooms.

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