Thursday, 31 March 2011

Exhibition - 9 Women

Just picked up the flyers for my upcoming exhibition: ' 9 Women' - If you're in The Netherlands come and see the ladies. Otherwise they can be viewed on my website: 9 Women

Blue, Blue, Electric Blue


 ❤️ 'Blue, blue, electric blue' for the Starman 

'Blue, blue, electric blue That's the colour of my room Where I will live Blue, blue...' ... David Bowie (Sound & Vision) 

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

A. Hallucination - Menswear - London Fashion Week

According to the Fashion Scouts the 'Ones to Watch' Menswear show - This illustration portrays the work of one of the four designers participating in the show: A. Hallucination @ London Fashion Week.
First published in Amelia's Magazine, March 2011
©Alison Day

Friday, 25 March 2011

Tin Tabernacle Tour by Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou

Illustrations for the article on the Tin Tabernacle Tour of Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou. The second illustration was published (March 2011) in Amelia's Magazine for an article about the tour. You can read the article  here

© Alison Day

Friday, 18 March 2011

The Sketchbook Tour USA

And they're off! 

With an opening at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York — Feb 19 - March 6 2011 —, 10,000 (28839 originally sent out) sketchbooks returned creatively filled and have taken to the road, for a five month tour around the USA. 

During this period the sketchbooks will be exhibited, are on display, can be taken out and viewed in galleries and museums whilst touring through eight different states in the USA. Each sketchbook is themed and has been submitted by artists from over 94 different countries, of which I am one.

Catalogued and packed up the sketchbooks  have left New York. First stop, Austin, Texas where they appeared at The Austin Museum of Art (12 March) and the 29th St Ballroom at Spider House (13 March). The following place at the end of the month will be (30 March - 2 April) in Portland ME at the Space Gallery.

So, if you happen to be in The States...why not go along and take a look? If you  would like to see my submission, themed - 'Face in the Crowd' - look out for sketchbook #19274 (Yes, I know, needles and haystacks come to mind, but they are all well cataloged!).  Full details of the tour can be found here

For a sneek peek of more of the pages of my sketchbook take a look here
As a taste of what's to come the '9 Women' series is included in my sketchbook. To see the  ladies in reality come and see them face to face in the exhibition from 1 May - 31 July, in The Netherlands. Details to follow here (papiermach√© - 9 Women).

Monday, 7 March 2011

London Fashion Week - Lako Bukia

I enjoyed illustrating the clothes from the Lako Bukia show at London Fashion Week and for this experimenting with two different digital styles.
For the article on the show, written by Amelia Gregory - visit Amelia's Magazine

First published in Amelia's Magazine, March 2011

© Alison Day
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Thursday, 3 March 2011

London Fashion Week - Estethica

An illustration for jewellery designed by Kumvana Gomani from the ethical fashion showroom Estethica, during London Fashion Week.
Featuring Little Glass Clementine, Goodone, Joanna Cave, North Circular, Ciel, MaxJenny, Lu Flux, Tara St James, and Kumvana Gomani.

First published March 2011 in Amelia's Magazine

© Alison Day
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