Thursday, 9 May 2013

Cool Parade

Recipe: here

Following a crafty link from Facebook, I was led to a page on a website called Buzzfeed, praising old style crafts, things that Grandma would have made; techniques which are being carried on by today's creatives from the handmade revival: crochet quilts, bathmats and matching loo seat covers, doilies, and Barbiesque dolls wearing flouncing skirts - concealing air freshening chemicals beneath their crochet folds. 

OK, ... so I strip back the link to its base, and come up with a cool parade of fun flavoured Popsicles ... a myriad of flavours and colours - and - in the immortal words of Jose jalapeno, in a Jeff Dunham comedy sketch- 'On a stick!' 

It's hard to make a choice from this royal parade, but amongst them are vitamin filled and fruity, as well as what can only be described as 'cocktail on a stick,' due to their obvious alcoholic content. 

Recipes are included - now the only question remains to be asked - will the sun shine long enough for it to become Popsicle time, and if so, where ever you are in the world - which would you choose?

Recipe: here

Recipe: here

Recipe: here
For the other 29 flavours go here

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