Sunday, 16 December 2012


Blues is to jazz what yeast is to bread. Without it, it’s flat.” - Carmen McRae

There's nothing more disappointing, whilst on the run, than grabbing 'a-sandwich-to-go' only to find that the bread is less than acceptable. 

The momentary illusion of a tasty sandwich, created by the attractive packaging, its filling promising satiation, is immediately dashed by the first bite; the filling runs off in terror, the bread shrinks into a glutinous lump and then proceeds to stick to the roof  of one's mouth. Swallow, and it dawns on me that this 'bread' has only just started its journey, and has a long way to go... Ugh!

It is with this in mind that I rejoice at the movement of the real bread movement, where the baking of bread is artful - the use of the best organic ingredients, perfect preparation, and the pimping of the worn out old homely-style bakery establishment to one befitting the sale of real bread.

Photos of Blé Bakery on Agias Sofias in Thessaloniki, Greece 
Via: The Cool Hunter
Blurb: © Alison Day Designs

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