Friday, 31 August 2012

Super Solar

Absolutely love this, and it's definitely going on my wish list... A self sustaining floating island, designed by Michele Puzzolante. This solar floating resort is: hotel, yacht, submarine (sleeping six), has an underwater observation room, a jacuzzi and photovoltaic thin-film skin panels, which if implemented properly, could produce a third of the worlds energy by 2060.

That aside, the development of clean solar energy technologies combined with the vast electrical energy created by the power of the sun, could translate into an unlimited, non-polluting energy for the future. It could also be part of the solution to our current problem of global warming as well as other environmental issues.

Via Inhabitat


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  2. Thanks for taking a look and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Solar energy, re-cycling and up-cycling are all of great interest to me