Monday, 26 December 2011

Bombs Away!

The cosy version of graffiti, and sometimes referred to as 'Grandma Graffiti,' Yarn Bombing/Guerilla Crochet originated in 2005, in the USA and is said to have been the brain-child of Magda Sayeg, from Houston. Since then it has become a worldwide indie-art happening.

With a  similar philosophy to graffiti, this art form includes the decoration of urban spaces, buildings and found objects, with a view to  enhancing their cold, sterile and mundane appearance, but without the socio-political commentary. 

Decoration is by using leftovers from previous knitting/crochet projects, or specially created pieces . The difference is that this artwork is not permanent, but for some reason is still classed, although often isn't prosecuted, under the same 'graffiti' law  as a offence!

Fun  Fact: Since June 2011, the first international Yarn Bombing Day, has been observed.

For more examples of Yarn Bombing/Guerrilla Crochet take a look: here.