Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Lola - Portrait

Lola by Alison Day

Meet Lola... my submission for the 2010 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010 in London, England. 

Yes, I was actually mad enough to send her, packed in kilometres of bubble wrap and cardboard, from The Netherlands to my sister (Caroline) in London. Using UPS, which was a story in itself, as during tracking she got stuck in the depo for 24 hours, went round and round in circles on their carousel for no apparent reason, until they finally decided to send her on her way. Shortly after that I flew over end of March and together with my sister and niece, Carina, took her to the RA. The whole project was incredibly exciting from start to finish and even though this year my work wasn't chosen to take part in the exhibition, my interest has been awakened...and there's always next year!

On another visit to England in July, we of course had to make a trip to the RA to see what did finally get into the exhibition...we saw a lot of great work and some monumental crap too, from so-called 'eminent' artists. I won't mention names, as I don't want to give them extra publicity, but also don't want to be sued for slander! That said, I still think Lola would have fitted nicely into the exhibition, but of course I am biased and it probably was very difficult choosing 1267 pieces out of 10,000 submissions!

A word of criticism, however, directed @ the RA...I do think that prominent artists should be limited to a maximum of two pieces of artwork, seeing as space is at a premium. Also, to the misguided person who decided that it would be better to space out the artworks and not 'paper' the walls from floor to ceiling,  as has been tradition since 1769, resulting in less artists' work being exhibited...'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' I'd say!

Lola is one of my papiermaché-mosaics. So far, my subject matter has the re-occurring theme of portraits of women. In my eyes, I choose the fairer sex, because of their chameleon-like diversity as well as their unequaled adaptability and creativity. As a result womankind has provided me (and still continues to do so) with an endless supply of studies for completed as well as future projects.

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