Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sam and the Adventure

Please support my Kickstarter campaign—Help me turn the story behind the mural into: Sam & the Adventure—the book! :

Hello everyone,

Some of you may be aware that for the last I year or so, I’ve been busily—writing, illustrating and designing a children’s story book entitled: Sam & the Adventure.

Sam & the Adventure is based on a mural that I painted many years ago for my then 2-year old son, Sam. This 88-page book, filled with 43 full colour illustrations is the story about a small boy, who sets off in a blue, ten carriage train, in search of an adventure and the story ends with a light-hearted twist.


The Plan:
I have finally reached the point where my next step is publication. In order to be able to do this—printing costs and publishing in general being an expensive business—I have set up a Kickstarter campaign. This is where you come in...

How you can support me:
If you visit my Kickstarter campaign you will find a video outlining the whole project and a selection of rewards to pledge for. As you can see there is something to suit every budget.

By choosing one of the rewards, you’ll not only help me towards my goal, but for or a modest pledge you already have secured your very own, signed copy of Sam & the Adventure.

Please Share the campaign:
Another way to help me reach my goal is to share the Kickstarter campaign with family, friends and anyone else you think might be interested.

Also, if you don’t have children, or know of any you can delight with a copy of Sam & the Adventure, maybe there’s a school who’d be pleased to receive a copy or one of the packs!

Please share the Kickstarter campaign—via social media, email, word of mouth—every little action will help me get closer to my goal, being completely funded and ultimately enable me to publish the story.

The hashtag I will be using is: #SamandtheAdventure

Many thanks, Alison Day

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