Thursday, 12 June 2014

Awesome Alien

Here's one of my latest designs - It's also on t-shirts and other cool stuff: HERE

"From out of thin air - an alien - you feeling ok? And . . . why? . . . Have you seen any lately?" asks a cynical voice.

"Yup, fine thanks and no, I haven't sighted one, awesome or otherwise. The design was inspired by a children's story I've written and illustrated. Incidentally, it is not about aliens at all. The story in turn is based on a mural I painted many moons ago, for my son. I've been in the throes of publishing the story ever since."

"How long ago would that be?"

"For . . . um . . . dare I say it . . . [ whispering ] over 10 years," I reply.

"OMG 10 years! What have you been doing? Growing the trees and making the paper too?" says the taunting voice.

"No I haven't and don't be so facetious!" I snarl. "Life in general has been the cause of the numerous shelvings, as well as a minor hiccup - leading to a total rewrite."

"So, what now?" goads the voice.

"At the moment, the story is being edited by a fresh pair of eyes and then. . ."

"Yes? . . . And then, . . . then what?"

"Then, I am going to steam forward, into the unchartered (for me anyway) land of self-publishing and bring the bugger out, once and for all, as a fabulous children's story book!"

[ Cue syncronized glazed over looks from family members and friends ]

"Ha! Pigs might fly." laughs the voice.

"You think? Well, you just watch this space . . ."

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