Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Prawn Crackers

In existence since 1969, the Seafood Market Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, boasts excellent cuisine, a seating area able to accommodate 1500 people, and a 50 metre long counter displaying all the seafood possibilities. In their words: If it swims we have it.

This is dining on a large scale with the guarantee that your meal is totally fresh. Upon entering,  you first select your fish or seafood - live - from fish tanks. This is followed by choosing salad, vegetables and wine. Pay at the check out, pass on how you would like you food to be cooked, then wait at your table to be served. Also, no monosodium glutamate!

Although I am myself, admittedly a great lover of seafood, and the freshness with which the fare of this restaurant is served appeals, one can't help but wonder, with over fishing the world over, whether this idea is actually sustainable with regard to world fish stocks.

As for the catchy one-liner, ... I'd say watch out mermaids!

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