Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stylish Suds

"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul"- Yiddish proverb

This afternoon, a particularly blustery and grey Sunday, I took off on my Vespa and joined 15 other people curious to learn the art of soap making. Held at the Connect International office, by Stephanie Fermor from Toastie Studio& Thomas Poortman

During the three hour workshop, we learnt the techniques necessary to create four different kinds of soap. Apart from using different shaped molds, we also 'flavoured' them from a selection of delicious scented oils, such as: chocolate, vanilla, orange, cappuccino, passion fruit and banana, to mention a few. 

The bars of soap could either be clear (like glass), or we could stir in water-based colourings along with curls of soap (created with the use of a cheese slice), brightly coloured plastic fish, or in the case of the exfoliating soap - oatmeal. For each soap we had to work quickly, because once the melted soap mixture left the bain marie, it immediately started to solidify. At the end of the workshop, our four different soap bar designs included: a clear bar with aforementioned brightly coloured plastic fish swimming around inside, a realistic looking ice lolly on wooden stick, a funky cup cake and a square oatmeal bar. And once the soap had finally cooled enough to be removed from their prospective molds, each was individually wrapped - perfectly packaged for Christmas presents.

Interested in making your own soap? Supplies can be ordered from: Soap Queen & You Wish. (Links courtesy of Stephanie)

For a peek at my creations made during the workshop...

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