Saturday, 6 October 2012

Forced to Fly

Forced to Fly is a useful anthology, offering practical information on living abroad, including invaluable tips, groups to join, and a variety of websites to consult, between its covers. Aiming to give moral support and advice for those considering a move abroad - how to survive, and ultimately enjoy it. 

This, the second issue, also includes an extensive collection of short stories, contributed by a total of 40 expatriates, as a result of a call-up and final selection by Jo Parfitt. All of the authors, have lived or continue to live abroad. Their stories highlight experiences, both good and bad: stories which are insightful, often highly amusing and cover a wide gamut of emotions that we can all relate to. Stories which are oftentimes hilarious, sometimes thought provoking and now and again downright frustrating.

Forced to Fly (Summertime Publishing), is the second book where I have participated in its re-issue. This time, however, I not have only been instrumental in the re-vamp of the internal text, but also a series of 50 black and white illustrations, to accompany and enhance the various sections, and collection of short stories throughout the book. 

So...  for your OWN copy of Forced to Fly, why not pay a visit to Amazon, where you can purchase it: for Kindle  or as a paperback .

And... once you are in possession of your own copy, you will discover that one of the short stories is mine!

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