Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Futures Calendar

Every week throughout 2012, ThinkActVote will release one illustrative future to help you imagine yours; here are the first five - For more information follow the links.
   The works will be exhibited, and a publication of all the illustrations will be created in book form. If you'd like to help or support this cause, please get in contact with ThinkActVote

David Hawkworth's Future Illustrated by Alison Day
David Hawksworth‘s Future “The Future I Choose is creative, connected, cultured, with less consumption and waste.”  More info here

Shibin Vasudevan's Future Illustrated by Maria Papadimitriou (Slowly The Eggs)
Shibin Vasudevan’s Future is one “where the word waste ceases to exist in our dictionaries.” 
More info here

James Parr's Future illustrated by Gareth Barnes
James Parr’s Future is one “where putting the environment first is a reflex“  
More info here

Ed Gillespie's Future, illustrated by Joana Casaca Lemos
Ed Gillespie’s Future: The Future I Choose is green. Not just a colour. Not just a political party. Not just a term for naivety! ...  More info here

Joy Green's Future illustrated by Anila Babla
Joy Green’s Future: The future I choose is one where the cities are full of birds, the oceans are full of fish and the wild areas are coming back. And we all know how to grow vegetables!”  
More info here

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