Thursday, 12 January 2012

Spam-A- Lot

Whether you accept it, ignore it, or turn the other cheek, everyone at one time or other has been on the receiving end of Spam. 

It is with this in mind, that I wanted to share a rather original spam action. Outside the train station in Groningen, I came across, amongst the zillions of bicycles stalled in racks, a large proportion of them sporting a bright, red, plastic seat cover. On closer inspection, they turned out to be an advertisement for a sports school, with the aim of bringing in more clientele. A visually bright and slightly more original way of trying to interest a broad cross section of the city's inhabitants in becoming clientele. Also, unlike most spam, it is inoffensive, the seat covers are useful, and  free.

So, I vote this a great little idea , which not only enhances your business visibility, but also brightens up the greyness of concrete city life, in the bleak winter months. What do you think?

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