Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Lulu (no. 7 of my '9-Women' series), is on my website: here  

Womankind are in themselves chameleons and this series touches on a few of the great variety of differenct qualities present in womankind:
Beautiful ~ Empatheic ~Adaptable ~ Versatile ~ Crazy ~ Loving ~Diverse ~ Multi-taskers ~ Nurturers ~ Supportive ~Adventurous ~ Funny ~ Creative ~ Role Models ~ Formidable ~ Wild ~ Colourful ~ Stylish, to name but a few qualities.

I refer my works  to as papiermaché-mosaics, made from, yes you guessed it, papiermaché and using re-cycled anything that seems appropriate to illustrate the picture. In the 9-Women series and (now that I think about it), in other works too, there are re-occuring objects used for decoration, for example the shells, flowers and mirror.

If you would like to see the first 6 of my ladies please visit my website: here - (Papiermaché - 9 Women).

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