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What's Hot, What's Not! - Alice TT Assen, 79th Edition 2009

For those of you interested in motorbikes, the 79th annual TT motorbike race in Assen will be held from the 25th – 27th June 2009.

With 100,000 motor enthusiasts eagerly descending on Assen for this event, this famous motor race is dubbed as the Dutchman’s answer to Formula 1 in Monaco and Wimbledon in London. A bit of a high-flown comparison there chaps, but I’m not going to stat bursting any bubbles!

For this motor spectacle, entrance with standing room begins at € 20,00 for adults (dependant on the day). For children entrance is free up to age 15 on the first two days, but only up to age 12 on Saturday 27th June.

Prices for a seat in the tribunes, which can seat up to 56,000 people, start at
€ 40,00. As with everything these sell very quickly. The circuit in general is clearly visible by all and if that wasn’t enough there are also ten Big Screen Vidiwalls so that you won’t miss a thing.

So, whether or not you are a motorbike fanatic, with a penchant for men dressed head to toe in tight leathers, sitting astride an enormous hunk of metal that shoots around a track at mind bending speeds and belches out more CO2 than should actually be allowed in this day and age, why not try the TT Assen and decide for yourself as to whether it’s Hot or Not!

For more information and to book tickets please see their website at: (Dutch). Photo:

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