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Myriam Berenschot - Illustrations

When asked, Myriam defines herself mainly as a teacher offering painting and illustration workshops, but she also works as an illustrator on commission, and for her own pleasure.

Schooled at the Academy Minerva in Groningen, she started by following illustration, graphics and abstract painting, but later decided to add a teacher-training course to the mix to broaden her prospects for the future. Finishing with a first class honours in 1992, she then decided to head off to Indonesia for a six-week break with two other colleagues.

Upon their return to the Netherlands the three of them set up their own studio in central Groningen. As well as pursuing their own work, they offered and developed a range of classes from beginners to advanced, for both adults and children. During this time Myriam was also busy giving portrait and watercolour classes at the Volksuniversiteit in Zuidlaren, Drenthe as well as painting workshops at children’s’ birthday parties.

The studio was put on hold in 1998, with the life changing arrival of new members to the various families coupled with moves to new houses and neighbourhoods. During this period Myriam continued with her own work and started making decorative coat racks on commission. She enjoyed being able to work on a smaller scale again by choice and left abstraction by the wayside choosing to go back to her preference of painting realistic and detailed works.

By 2005, and with her youngest daughter Ella in school, Myriam decided to pick up where she had left off and start up the painting workshops for children again. This she has been doing ever since at the neighbourhood playground association: Het Buurt & Speeltuinvereniging Helpman Oost ‘De Helpen’. Shortly, she will be branching out to include evening classes for adults. Also, she plans to resume the painting workshops for children’s’ birthday parties. Other work has included illustrating the plans for landscape designers, as well as giving drawing lessons for the SKC (after school reception) and illustrating a nursery school newspaper.

For the future, Myriam is in the process of joining forces with a couple of colleagues, each with a different creative discipline to her own. She says, instead of being an island in one’s discipline, as so many artists seem to be these days, she wants to see more of a mix between art and music and intends to achieve this through her liaison with them. This could pave the way to a whole new genre of workshop.

Should you be interested in seeing more of Myriam’s work, or find out more about or following any of her workshops, you can contact her:
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