Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Het Paleis, Groningen

Once upon a time Het Paleis (The Palace) used to be a laboratory for physics, but now this magnificent building found at Bloemsingel 10 (near the centre of Groningen), has been totally renovated and transformed into a cultural venue for artists, designers and cultural entrepreneurs. Also, included in the plans were accommodation, in the form of apartments, most of which I believe went like hot cakes, and the complex also has a coffee shop.

Creatief Stad (Creative City) who are also housed in Het Paleis, organized the opening of Creatief Stad, which was opened by the then Mayor of Groningen, Jacques Wallage on 20 July 2009, accompanied by Cuban music, food and drink.

Included in Creative City is the prototype for a rather unusual but thought provoking hybrid shop, called ‘Zooi Box’ (literally, ‘Mess Box’) with re-cycling, as it’s central theme. So much of what is thrown away these days, can of course be re-cycled and re-used again, not only our daily lives, but also in art projects and workshops. The sky’s the limit! Also, if you have any ‘rubbish’, to get rid of…

The official opening took place 19 September, and was opened by the new Mayor of Groningen, Peter Rehwinkel, who was newly inaugurated on 18 September 2009.

For more information: Het Paleis

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First published in the Connections magazine #25 Summer 2009 

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