Thursday, 2 November 2017

May the Universe be with You

We all have those days. No matter how hard you try to keep your positive mojo going, something happens whereby the doldrums hit, or something underwhelms you to the point of disbelief. 

I get it, there are worse things happening in the world and every day I have, I should be grateful for what I have. So, without this turning into a complete whine fest, let me put you in the picture...
On days that I don’t feel on top of the world, I tell myself:
‘Get out of the house, take a walk and clear your head’.
It helps—it doesn’t always solve the problem, but it generally raises my mood and gives me some level of clarity on how to proceed.

My local park, is a seasonal delight. Filled with autumnal colours, amplifying the end of the year, yellow clay underfoot, made squishy by the recent rains and bouncing dogs and their people.

As I trudged along, trying to replace the negativity in my head, banging on like a small town gossip, my eyes were cast to the ground. With each step, I saw mud and a variety of different leaf sorts sunken into it and admired their variegated shapes and shades: greens, yellows, reds and browns. Reaching a trident in the path, habit dictates I take the central path and head up a small hill.

On this particular day, I noticed a sprinkling of leaves that although familiar in shape, were out of place. Puzzled, I stopped in my tracks and looked around to find the tree these could have fallen from. Nothing. No tree, shrub, branch remnants or root ball in sight that these could have possibly come from—just fresh, green leaves, everywhere.

Gathering up 9 of the leaves, I continued up the hill. At the top, I stood a while and looked down the stone steps to the bandstand. With the leaves in my hands and a smile on my face, I contemplated the odds of why this particular leaf and not another. You see, when it comes down to it, I am a firm believer that when we ask for help, the Universe will oblige us with an answer, in some form or other.

‘What were the leaves?’ I hear you ask. 
Oh, yes, I almost forgot—they were fresh, green, Ginkgo leaves, strewn all over the path. 

Why did this made me smile? Well, because this is the leaf that is featured on my new logo, for my up and coming website: Dream Create Reveal, for online courses, due early 2018! 

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