Thursday, 5 May 2016

Medieval Bootcamp



The assignment mini and third in a series of 5 on the MATS Bootcamp is well under way, with a theme this time of: Medieval Symbols.

With a suggestion to do no more than one hour's research, I have a week to sketch, paint or put down as many ideas as possible, before the unveiling of the main assignment on 16th May.

A rich and varied subject for sketching and Pinterest is great for instant inspiration. I already have lots of sheets filled with sketches and mini watercolours: Medieval flowers and motiefs appear with a flourish; illuminated letters are embellished with gold, flowers and writhing vines; lions, birds and mythological beasts cavort across the page or stand and stare.

As with the previous two assignments, I'm enjoying the journey and occassional 'aha!' moments and of course, I'm also really curious what the main assignment is.

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