Saturday, 17 October 2015

Black Gold



Black Gold for # inktober

Marmite—you either "love it or hate it" which generally has a lot to do with whether you ate it as a child.

As a Brit, I am one of the former and it never gets old watching the ensuing facial expression of a Marmite virgin as they naiively propel a first 'taste'—often in the form of a spoonful, into their mouths. Inevitably, trusting enquiry turns to absolute horror, often followed by prolonged spitting and near vomiting.

A by-product of the British beer industry since 1902, Marmite is a yeast extract and is very salty indeed. Other similar world products include the: Australian Vegemite, Swiss, Cenovis and German, Vitam-R.

So, if you are looking for the pleasant Marmite experience, make sure to spread it thinly on a piece of buttered toast—not shovel it in by the spoonful as though it were chocolate paste!

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