Friday, 17 January 2014

Cherry-O Baby

Cherry Laura (Flavour: Granini Kirsch) by Joseph Marr an 
Australian artist based in Berlin, Germany.

Although Joseph Marr's sugar sculptures look like giant, tasty hard boiled sweets, they are inedible due to being preserved by several layers of polyurethane. The figures bound by ropes and each other are a sugary reminder of the attractive, sweet, cloying and addictive taste of sugar, as well as the complexity of the human condition and the relationships we find ourselves in.

Some like glass figures in translucent reds and yellows, highlighted by bubbles and a random saturation of colour, resulting in an imperfection within a seeming perfection of form. Others - solid and unyielding in colour density - green - Granini apple flavoured sugar and black: Sallos licorice flavoured sugar. Curvaceous figures with a Baroque feel and silent grace, which could easily adorn a church enclave or top a stone coffin in a mausoleum.