Friday, 17 May 2013

City of Talent

23/05/13 Update: 

With 6 days left to go and 235 votes I'm still in need of a major injection of LIKES.   Please vote for me here: City of Talent

Hey everyone!

I've been approved by -  City of ...

This means that if I manage to be in the top 2 with the highest LIKES at the end of the month, I win exhibition space (4m squared), to showcase myself and my art, in the centre of Groningen (Netherlands).

Voting is from 17 - 29 May, so...

Please  help me out by following the link to:  and hit the LIKE button, under my text, left of the total LIKEs.

Many thanks!
Alison Day

. . . P   L   E   A   S  E     V  O  T  E     F  O  R     M  E . . .

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