Monday, 5 March 2012

Emperor Derrière

Although I really love the idea of this computer-workstation chair, the Emperor 200 (Made by Modern Work Environment Lab )  I do feel (as I've said before) that the human race is heading towards a sedentary lifestyle, with potential physical disastrous effects, as described in The Machine Stops by E. M. Forster. 

Already a button-pushing, screen-addicted bunch of lounging lizards surely we don't need to be encouraged to remain seated for longer periods of time? But that said, this is the ultimate sitting experience of the moment. It offers added extras of a THX surround system, seat adjustment, air ventilation and light therapy, which gives the sitter their daily dose of vitamin D, without ever having to venture outside again! All this plus a touch screen control centre with three 24-inch LED screens dangling right in front of your face, from the end of the scorpion-like tail. What more could you want?

Costing an arm and a leg (in more ways that one), this innovative creation has a price tag of  a mere $44,750 (US).

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