Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Eat Me

When it comes to re-defining our wasteful throw-away culture, in the ongoing battle to save the environment, this bright idea turns us into the re-cycling implements. David Edwards (Harvard University Professor and biomedical engineer), who brought us breathable food in the form of ‘Le Whaf’ has just brought out  the new idea of edible containers. This means that after we have consumed our food and drink, instead of throwing the wrapping it comes in away, we will be able to consume that too!

Apparently, the packaging is made out of something called WikiCells’,  which are natural food membranes held together by electrostatic forces and are said to be thin delicious membranes. For the future, a  WikiCell Machine’ is also on the agenda, so that we can create our own packaging ourselves. 

I like the idea that the choice of what to package and how much, is finally reaching the hands of the consumer, but how much of this delicious stuff would one actually want to consume? Waste reduction aside, I would imagine it could also change the face of packaging design, when it comes to shape, colour and maybe even smell.

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