Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Secret Portrait

Ever heard of Orange The Feed? Well neither had I until recently whilst fluttering around on Twitter. 

Quite by chance I came across fellow Tweeps clammering for their portraits to be done by online illustrators.

For a portrait all one had to supply was a short description of oneself, likes/dislikes, pets (where applicable) & their characteristics, or anything else that came to mind. Add the all important hash tag #SecretPortrait and send the Tweet to @OrangeTheFeed... 

Today (upon my enquiry), a reply & link to my Secret Portrait arrived...

"Rather than tell you, how about we show you?  http://t.co/8e0woXH6 

The image is of course in this post as well and I'm thrilled to bits with it!

So, if you're up to having your Secret Portrait done, instantly, and for the price of a tweet, you know where to go...enjoy!

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