Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Shoe as Art

Moleskin project finished and on the point of being popped in the post and sent to New York, to participate in the Art House Co-op project  in 2011, and I suddenly found myself without an artistic challenge. True, I have other projects that run concurrently, but there's no real deadline, no thrill, no competition! Then, all of a sudden, as if the universe is listening,  the above competition crosses my virtual path, on Twitter no less,  via @HelloCreatives.

The brief - 'The Shoe as Art'. As an avid lover of shoes myself (and let's face it, the hefty price tag attached to this competition as prize money, could buy an awful lot of foot art!), I have risen to the challenge and am busy with my creation for the November deadline. I will give no clues as to how I am approaching it, other than it will be done in true inimitable Alison Day Designs style. For those interested, watch this space, as I will be posting it here after the competition ends, for all to see.