Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bagels & Beans

New in the last few weeks to the centre of Groningen, is Bagels and Beans. This new eatery is part of a new franchise, with a total of twenty others so far throughout the Netherlands.

The interior is painted ochre yellow with images of bagel and beans. Seating is wooden chairs and tables, plus there is a large central table. There are magazines available in racks if you plan to kick back and relax.

On the tables you can find signs painted on oblong wooden bats with exclamations such as ‘Thirst’ on them which can be waived at the waiting staff, to attract attention and get service.

Drinks include all kinds of coffee such as mochachino, as well as all  kinds of fresh fruit juices, including an anti-stress one containing Royal Jelly.

Bagels come with a variety of fillings, including cream cheese, and the pastrami one (which my friend Kim had) came with cream cheese on the side in little dish.

They have a great selection of cakes, including fig cake and Brownies the size of a block of flats!

Should you wish to visit Bagels and Beans:  Zwanestraat 30, 9712 CN Groningen.
Tel: 050 3112668
Fax: 050 3116205
Email: zwanestraat@bangelsbeans.nl

Open Monday-Saturday 09.29 – 17.32 hrs
Shopping Sundays 09.31 – 17.28 hrs

© Alison Day
First published in the Connections magazine #10 Winter 2006

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