Monday, 22 March 2010

Discovering Groningen by Waterbus

With the weather warming up, now’s the opportunity to take one of the circular boat trips round Groningen and view the city from another angle.

Lasting about an hour, the trip starts across from the Central Station and follows the canals that circle the city centre. With refreshments on board one can sit back and enjoy the multitude of historical buildings, bridges, towers and houseboats that seem to glide effortlessly by. Accompanied by a pre-recorded informative historical background of Groningen and its inhabitants, via the tannoy in Dutch, English and German.

Should you prefer to see the countryside of Groningen in a more extended trip then maybe the Reitdiepcruise is more for you. Leaving Groningen early in the morning on the ‘Ommelaand’ and returning at 20.00 in the evening. The ‘Ommelaand’ follows the Reitdiep channel to a lake called the “Lauwersmeer". Included in the price of a ticket are morning tea or coffee and lunch.

Other cruise destinations available from Groningen are Nienoord, Delfzijl - Dollardvaart, Damsterdiep, and the lakes, Zuidlaarder Meer and Paterswoldse Meer. The boats ‘Pronkjewail’, and ‘Goudraand’ of the excursion company Kool, sail all the year round and are also available for group excursions such as weddings, business lunches, school trips and promotions. 

 Prices for the hour-long city trip are for adults € 7,00, and children aged 4-12 years €4,50. For reservations and further information on all cruises you can contact them on (050) 312 83 79 or take a look at: 

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